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Illuminate the Soul -

Mind, Body, Soul Connection

Our mind, body and soul work together as a beautiful intricate web in order for us to have human experience on this planet.  If there is an interruption of this complex structure, our divine nature lacks the ability to work in and through us.  A breakdown of this structure (web) brings with it an inability to express oneself and then we find difficulties within our personal and professional lives.  Ancient healing modalities are a key component to re-connecting us with this pure kernal of spirit - the soul which is like the middle piece of the human puzzle - so we can freely live in our Divinity.  

How and why this happens...

Over the years, we have been "told" how to live, how to express, how to be in the world based on programming and indoctrination within our homes as well as society.  A very simple example of this would be: a child being told that "it's just your imagination" when in fact it is an actual divine experience.  As a result, this child "turns off the imagination" as to not be judged or disrupt the flow of life.   

From this small example above, a certain set of ideas and beliefs that do not coincide with the true nature of who we are as divine and eternal beings begin to form.  These ideas and beliefs form specific structures within our mind and soul bodies which block the flow from above.  When this happens, a distorted view of ourselves as well as the world around us occurs and disconnects us even further from our Divinity.   This disruption becomes a cycle and we then live life without truly living!   

Live With Passion & Purpose

 The most important thing about living life alive with meaning and purpose is to allow the Soul to truly express itself.  Many of us feel a lack of drive, passion or even feel apathetic which is a direct result of not being inspired by the vehicle of the soul - the vehicle of our divine nature.  

We all want to experience life fully; to achieve freedom and liberation from these misconceptions and be the embodiment of our divine self.  In order to do that we must clear the old patterns, the old structures of programming, the old ideas and belief systems that keep the soul from being seen and felt.  

With the tools offered from the pure King Salomon Lineage and Mystery School tradition, the soul becomes illuminated which allows for the true expression of Godliness and divinity.    

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We are a growing community of like-minded individuals with a common desire to bring peace to humanity by using the tools handed down through the Lineage of King Salomon.  We are students, teachers, and healers certified by the Modern Mystery School.  We assist people in discovering their purpose, and guiding them towards a greater understanding of the holy axiom "Know Thyself."


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